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Choosing A Lawyer

There is a great Consumer's Guide written by a woman in Seattle, Washington called, Hiring a Great Lawyer:

In her pamphlet she has an evaluation form that grades a lawyer from (5)[exceptional] to (1) [unsatisfactory] in 13 catagories [several of which I take exception] ... but overall I scored a 58 out of 65 .

I graded out exceptional [the highest rating ~5] in 10 of the 13:
(1) Number of years practicing law (15+);
(2) Trial Experience (goes to trial several time a year);
(3) Wins at trial (dramatically exceed settlement offers);
(4) Understanding of or experience with injury cases that are similar to mine (frequently handles similar cases ~ not many I have not handled in quantity over the years);
(5) Quality of Website;
(6) Excellent Client Case Studies;
(7) Excellent Client References;
(8) Knowledgeable and Confident ;
(9) Understands Uniqueness of Every Case and Listens to Client;
(10)Staff is great.

I graded out "Exceeds Expectations" (4) in 1 of the 13:
(11) Specializ…