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2011: PRATER & CRAIG, Begins

PRATER & ASSOCIATES briefly became PRATER|DUNCAN in early 2011 but the opportunity to join forces with Jared B Craig was too good a synergy to pass on and so in April Keith Prater, John Duncan and Jared Craig formed a firm.  The three of us set one goal:  To provide the best representation in the Fayetteville to Peachtree City to Newnan corridor.  We were well on our way when John Duncan abruptly left to associate with another highly respected local firm and to focus more on becoming the best crimninal lawyer he could be, a practice area we have decided to leave to other lawyers to concentrate more on our injury cases and family law cases.  Beginning this fall with a move to much bigger space in the Summit Complex at the entrance to White Oak on Highway 34 we will be located 10 minutes from Peachtree City and 20 minutes from downtown Newnan.  Come see us for your legal needs and discover the sophistication of a metropolitan law firm right in your own backyard.

DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY: Teaching Children By Example

The variable that often imprisons parties in a dead-end relationship is a child or children. Children, however, are egocentric and are never going to grow into healthy adulthood when their upbringing is centered around a false, dead relationship from which they learn by observation that they never, ever, want to get involved with someone because it will be like being Mom or Dad. They need to be told once that the divorce was never about them but about Mom and Dad being at a dead end in their relationship. They will remember that and it will be the defining memory of the divorce: it wasn't about them. Children absorb everything they see, feel and experience: every nuance, gesture, sarcastic gesture, all the negative, unhappiness and bad going on between their Mom and their Dad. Sometimes the expense of ending a dead marriage is the best money ever spent not just for the liberation of the spouses but for the sunshine it can bring to a child in the middle of the "dead-zone&q…